How does edge & edges contribute? 

When creating the brand edge & edges, being sustainable was one of the top-of-the list elements. As a matter of fact, it was one of the reasons why the brand was created in the first place. 

If you take a moment and think about it, do you know where most of your clothes come from? What material is it made out of? And most importantly, how does the brand that produced your clothes impact our environment and sustainability? In today’s world, it is becoming a vital topic to reconsider your buying and consumption habits. That was one of the most important missions and a vision of edge & edges from day 1. 

By sewing your own clothes, there are advantages for you, but also to the environment –  so it’s a win-win. When you sew a piece from beginning till end, you know exactly how the piece is being produced, as well as you have a say in the material and quality. You have a clear visibility of the entire production process. Isn’t that amazing!? 

We often see a sustainable lifestyle as an extreme spectrum, where you are either 100% sustainable, or not at all. But if each and every one of us contributes little by little, changing our lifestyles in some aspects – that is what would benefit our environment enormously. 

edge & edges will help you to create a piece that is timeless and long-term, in contrast to fast fashion, where a lot of the clothes you buy are of poor quality, or are thrown away after a season or two. By being your own producer, you control the amount of production waste, decrease your production cost, and most importantly, have a life-long experience and a piece in your wardrobe!

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